The Zagreb Guide

I don't know if you've ever watched a Ghibuli movie but many kids in Japan grow up watching Miyazaki's movies and I was one of them. Kiki's Delivery Service is one of my favorite movies and as a little girl I always dreamed of visiting a cute little European city like in the film. Today, my dream became a reality. I visited Zagreb Croatia for the first time!
Zagreb was a magical place. The city is filled with beautiful European style architecture with pretty flowers and greens around every corner.
And of course the famous orange roofs! As a girl from Tokyo, this was something I've never seen in my life and its something I've been wanting to see for a long time. If you're like me, go visit the Observation Deck located in Ban Jelačić Square, where you can look over Zagreb, covered in it's famous orange rooftops. It costs only 30kn and you can re-enter as many times as you want for one day. We went up to the deck in the morning and came back at night to see the night view and it was spectacular!

Honestly, Zagreb was beyond my expectations and I would love to visit again. If you are planning a girls trip, you must check out Upper Town (Gornji Grad). Buildings there are painted in pastel pink, baby blue and light yellow which can make a great cute photo!

Have a lovely week everyone!


主人公の魔女のキキと相棒の猫、ジジが親元を離れて一人前に成長していく物語は、皆さん一度は見たことがあるはず。途中、キキが飛べなくなったりして、挫折を経験しながらも一人前になっていく姿がすごく共感できるし、ユーミンのルージュの伝言も映画にピッタリで大好きな映画の一つです( ^^)
そして猫派として忘れてはならないのがジジ!皆さんもジジみたいなしゃべれる猫がいたらな~なんて思ったりしましたよね?キキと話せなくなったシーンなんて本当にショックで、どうすれば二人が再び話すことができるようになるか、幼い頃は真剣に考えたものです( ˘ω˘)


本当に来てよかったーと思えた美しい光景でした。そんなオレンジの屋根を一望できるのは、イェラチッチ広場にある展望台。30クーナで展望台まで上がることができます。しかも再入場OK!私たちは日中に展望台を訪れた後、夕焼けを見るために再度展望台を訪れました( ˘ω˘ )30クーナで一日何回でも訪れることができるので、絶対に払う価値あり!






Chic Monochrome

I have a soft spot for many things: lovely flower bouquets, chai latte, leather hand bags... and monotone colors. 
When I found these woven short pants from Tory Burch, I couldn't help getting them!
 I love the sophisticated details of this tribal pattern and playful touch the fringe brings out. 
Also the short pants are the perfect length for both work and evening occasions. 

I'm carrying the Chloe Elsie Shoulder Bag to match the color of this whole outfit. 
This bag adds a "French chic" touch to any style and is ultra feminine. 
It's definitely the key to an effortless chic style!😉

Hanbag// Chloe Elsie    Bottoms//Tory Burch    Top//Bershuka    Lace up heels//Forever 21


このショートパンツは見つけた瞬間に一目惚れしたアイテム。トライバル パターンの見慣れないデザインと編み込みの素材感、遊び心あふれるフリンジのディテールがとってもユニークで、丈に長さが十分にあるので仕事にもプライベートにも大活躍しています!😉



Kensington Market

Hey everybody, I'm back from visiting one of my favorite cities, the lovely, urban, and so awesomely multicultural Toronto! And of course the best time to experience it is in the summer because we all know how cold the winter gets.
This was my 5th time visiting it so I guess I can call myself a bit of an expert now? :D

Every time I visit I make sure to go to Kensington Market. I love it because its full of cool second hand stores and cute little cafes with lovely patios. This time I'm on a mission to find the perfect pair of ripped jeans!

I really love the feeling of this area. It feels so free and interesting because there are so many people from different walks of life all of whose goal seems to be to either find that perfect item or spend the afternoon on the patio.
Top//Zara     Short Pants//Abercrombie & Fitch     
Sneakers//Nike     Bag//COACH     Cardigan//Bershka

Today I wore a casual outfit to match the vibe of the area. What do you think?
Wish me luck on my shopping mission! 



Black and Sunshine

I felt like dressing edgy and cool today so I decided to wear an all black outfit. I like mixing textures because it makes the whole outfit much more interesting and sophisticated even the color is the same time. These jeans from PLAYME are the epitome of this. 
Knit//H&M   Inner Wear//UNIQLO   Jeans//PLAYME   
Vest//Vintage   Best//H&M   Bag//Chloe Bailey

Hope you all have lovely weekend!


A Fresh Start

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying the weekend?

Yesterday I went shopping and suddenly decided I needed to purchase a tripod and a remote for my camera!
I was watching an Australian reality show called FASHION BLOGGERS and was inspired by all of the bloggers featured in the show that take their own photographs.
In the show Margaret Zhang, a fashion blogger in Australia and also a law school student at Sydney University, is shows off her amazing skills at taking breathtaking photos by herself. I found this really inspiring and thought to myself, "why not give it a try?"
Here are the photos that I took with the tripod and remote today. I'm still a beginner in photography and I know there is a lot to learn but I'm happy with this result, considering its only the first step!
Have you ever tried taking photos with a tripod and a remote? If you have any tips please let me know!
smile emoticon

Blouse//Tory Burch   Trousers//ZARA   Shoes//Charles and Keith

Hope you have a lovely weekend!♥


ところで皆さん、Margaret Zhangというブロガーを知っていますか?
私が彼女を知ったきっかけはYoutubeで見られるFASHION BLOGGERというFox Australia制作のリアリティ番組を見てだったのですが、Margaretちゃん、若干22歳にして世界のトップブロガーでしかもLaw Schoolに通う秀才!彼女のinstagramは美しい写真の数々…わたしのお気に入りのブロガーです。






Happy New Year everyone! Did you have a good time with your family & friends celebrating the new year?

I've been swamped working these days and had no time to update my blog... sorry for the absence!
One thing I realized during this time off is that I really miss blogging! Fashion and taking photos are something I enjoy the most and am passionate about. So this year, my goal is to become better at taking photos and learn more about editing! If you have any tutorials or tips for photography and editing photos, I would love to know!

What's your new year's resolution?

Bag//Chloe   Coat//MURUA   Knit//EMODA   Pants//EMODA   Boots//Vintage   



Straw Hat

Hello lovelies! Have you been enjoying the hot summer?

The past few days have been extremely hot in Tokyo but I'm enjoying it because I simply love the summer more than anything!

Even though the sun is very strong, so far I've been able to avoid getting sunburnt and heat stroke thanks to my straw hat which has been helping protect me from the sun.

I'll definitely be bringing it with me to Thailand in September!

I was wearing:


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