Grumpy Cat

Yes! Finally weekend is here!!!
I've been waiting for this weekend because I have big plans.
See this is the first plan I've been looking forward to. Yes, it's Random trip time!!!!!
This week's destination is...Abiko! I've never heard of it :D
Abiko seemed to be relaxing and peaceful place. Actually it is well-known as a place loved by many famous modern writers. 
We went to original house of Sojinkan who was also an editor of Asahi newspaper.

 Chilling at Sojinkan's garden...

We found a shrine by accident.

Let's draw a fortune!!

Result is...
 "Kaeru" which means frog in Japanese. 
This indicates that you can go home safely if you take a trip. not bad :)

The 2nd exciting plan for this weekend, is waiting for me tonight! Can't waaaaaait!!!
I'll post rest of pictures later!


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