It's my first posting on my first blog!
In my blog, I would like to share with you my favorite things, something funny, inspiring, intriguing  which I encounter in my life.

So today, as my very first blog topic, I wanna share some pics from our short trip! I hope you like it!
These days, we started funny activity on weekends which is full of surprise and lots of fun!
What we do is, simple. Just go to a station and  pick up random station name and buy tickets. Then you gotta go to the station! It may sounds less exciting. However, Tokyo has probably the most advanced transportation network in the world. More than 87 different lines are running  only in Tokyo. Moreover, most of the all station names are written Kanji, so we don't know where we go! Especially my boyfriend don't have any clue where it is.. :)

Last week, we picked up "Komagawa" as our random trip.

It took only an hour from main area of Tokyo, but Komagawa was absolutely different from loud, fast, busy reality of Tokyo.

 My bf ties a bandanna which was used for wrapping of lunch box around his neck :P
 but looks like serious!


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  1. Hi! Wow, I really like your idea, to go around Tokyo like that. I want to try something similar in Sweden ^^ Hope you are well. xx Anna

    1. Hi Anna!

      Thanks for your comment! Yeah, please try in Sweden, too! It's so much fun!
      Btw, I just saw your pictures and they were great!!!I'll keep checking your blog! ;D mayu


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