DIY SUNDAY: Sofa Covers

Hello, everyone! It's weekend time!!! My favorite favorite weekend has finally come! It's time to do something you don't normally do on weekdays,  be active and have fun!  For me, as much as I wanted to have fun, I decided to face something I kept avoiding. Sofa covers.

Since we moved into this apt, I had never had complaints, except for one thing.
There are 3 sofas in this room, one for two people and the other two are for one person.
These sofas were furnished before we moved in, and even before the old residents moved in... it didn't look like something you want to lie on. Simply put, it was dirty.  However, it was impossible to throw them away as it is property of this building. 

So I started looking for sofa covers at stores /internet just to protect myself from dirtiness but there was no cover that can fit our couches perfectly. After I invested so much time on looking for covers, I asked myself. Why don't I make it?

I haven't had any experience in sewing but I remembered I liked sewing when I was 6 grade(16 years ago!!!OMG...) . 
It took me one whole day to finish sofa cover, but somehow I made it at the end.
I know it's far away from perfection but it's not bad, right...?

This website explains how to make sofa covers in an easy way :)





こちらのサイトを参考にさせて頂きました :) とてもわかりやすかったので合うカバーが見つからない方はぜひ!!!わたしみたいな超初心者でも簡単にわかるよに説明されてますよ♪
これでやっとソファーでくつろげる :D


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