Perfect Way to Look Sophisticated and Comfortable at the Same Time

Last night, big typhoon hit Japan. It was such a windy night in Tokyo as well, unfortunately this put me in a difficult situation in terms of sleep.

So, I started browsing the internet instead. Thanks world for creating the internet, I can always have fun in the middle of Monday night by myself!!!

During my "research", I have found perfect fall pieces to look sophisticated and comfortable at the same time.

That's "shirt-dress". This season, I see many fashionable people try on shirts on the street. I love shirts too because it looks clean, sophisticated and also easy to go with almost any kind of bottoms.

And this fall, shirt-dress has been big star among fashionista. I love the way shirt-dress look it keeps shirt's cleanness  with an addition of femininity

Here are my favorite pieces :)

I love the dresses especially when it's worn with dark color hats because hats add feeling of modernity in the look. The hats make outfit like"model off duty"look. I love it!

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  1. A show stopping and jaw dropping article, really love these dresses, its very suitable for Special Occasional Dresses.


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