Happy New Year 2015!

 Shirt : Forever 21   Jeans : Vintage   Watch : St Dupont

Happy New Year everyone! Did you have a great new year countdown? For those who are in Japan, I hope you are having a wonderful new year holiday!

My holiday was cozy and fun filled with lots of love. My husband and I went to visit my family in Yokosuka and had a wonderful time there. Since we are busy on the weekends, we don't really have many chances to visit my hometown (Yokosuka is a little it far from Tokyo :O), so I was glad to see my family and spent time with them. In addition, we had traditional Japanese new year's food called Osechi! This is definitely one of the reasons why I love new year holidays in Japan! ;)

Since the new year has already begun, it's a good time to set some resolutions for a fresh start in 2015!

This year I would like tor:.

- Eat more healthy
I should eat more veggies and be healthy!

- Run regularly
I used to run twice a week and I think it's a good idea to keep up to the pace in addition to my daily routine of kick-boxing!!

- Be creative
I like people who are always trying something new. They are inspirational and motivate me in every aspect. I want to try something new and creative in this year. One thing I learned last year was that trying something new is super fun and exciting. I started rewriting this blog last year and it has been so fun and addictive! This year I would like to do more fun and unique things that I haven't tried yet.

Stay tuned :)!

What are your new year's resolutions for 2015? Please share your thoughts!♥


週末はいつもバタバタであまり横須賀に帰れないので、こういう機会に家族と過ごせるのはやっぱりいいなぁと実感!プラス、私はおせち料理が大好きなのですが、やっぱり今年も実家で堪能して日本のお正月はいいなと改めて最高♥と思いました :) 本当は私もそろそろおせち料理を用意しないといけない側なんだけど、あと何年かは楽しむ側でいいっか♥、と甘えてます笑







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