Khaki Top

Khaki Shirt : American Apparel   Turtle Neck : ZARA   Black Jeans : Forever 21   
Hat : Vintage   Sneakers : NIKE

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying the weekend! It has been a super busy few days and I couldn't wait for the weekend to come!

The key item for today's look is the khaki shirt which I bought a while ago but never really had a chance to wear. I decided to try to fit it into a look because Ralph Lauren's amazing spring collection totally inspired me. This elegant collection changed my whole image of the military look and made me want to try and fit the shirt into a look of my own.

Image from who what wear.com

But the question is what to wear it with? I originally had difficulty because I thought khaki was difficult to match with other clothes which was the reason I didn't wear the shirt for so long.

After trying several looks and trying to figure out how to pull off a khaki item, I found some of tips which might be useful:

- Select a casual item

When you chose a khaki item go for a casual, simple item. This makes things much easier when you coordinate with other pieces.

 - Coordinate with monotone

Monochrome never looks bad with any other colors! :)
If you match khaki with white it gives a cleanliness to the whole outfit and if you mix it with black it creates an edgy /men's like style.

Image from Pinterest

 - Spice up with accessories

Try to choose accessories which can go well with the main khaki item. Since khaki items can look too boyish, casual, or plain, add some interesting accents by using accessories such as a unique bag, shoes, scarf or hat.

Image from Pinterest

Do you like military style items? Please share your thoughts!♥



でもカーキのアイテムって何を合わせればいいのか…色々と試してみた結果、私なりのポイントまとめてみました :)

- カジュアルなアイテムを選ぶ

- モノクロカラーと合わせる

- 小物でこなれ感を!


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  1. I love the way you styled your khaki top. It's very 'casual cool'. Also, I love where you chose to take pictures.

    Thank you for the suggestions and ideas for styling with khaki. I love the military look as well but must agree that sometimes it can be hard to style.

    1. Hello Dolly! I'm glad to hear that you liked my styling♥
      The pictures were taken in Odaiba where I live. We were so excited when we found a fountain and decided to have a shooting! Hope you like it!

  2. Nice! I have never thought about wearing khaki until now! I will take a closer look when shopping next time!


    1. Hello, Genevie
      Thanks for the visit! Hope you enjoyed this post :)


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