Hot summer in the city

Hello everyone! The rainy season in Tokyo has officially ended and the sun has been heating up the city!
It's been over 30 degrees for the past few days, making it difficult to go anywhere without an ice cold coffee in my hand. :)

When it comes to summer outfits, its hard to stay fashionable under the glaring sun. My on-the-go outfit is typically an easy, breezy sun dress or a comfy top with a short skirt/pants and slides. 

So how can we stay fashionable during the hot summer when you feel like wearing a comfortable yet casual outfit? Here are my tips for a more fashionable, casual summer look:

1. Add accessories
I like to pair several jewelry pieces and accessories when going for a casual look and find that a layered necklace, bracelets, and rings are the key to adding balanced accents to your whole look.
2. Minimize colors and coordinate with a similar color palette
Try not to use too many colors - I usually try to use a maximum of 3 colors when I coordinate my outfit. If you have more than 4 colors, it becomes difficult to put everything together. I picked a brown leather bracelet from Luna + Luche which goes really well with a gold necklace and a beige bag since they are the same color tone.
3. Layer Layer Layer!
Layering will always make your whole look interesting. You can tie a shirt around your waist, or put on a shawl, both of which will look great.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the hot summer! :)

Bracelet//Luna + Luche


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  1. Great look. I love the layering of the bracelets.


  2. I love this effortless look, amazing!



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