Kensington Market

Hey everybody, I'm back from visiting one of my favorite cities, the lovely, urban, and so awesomely multicultural Toronto! And of course the best time to experience it is in the summer because we all know how cold the winter gets.
This was my 5th time visiting it so I guess I can call myself a bit of an expert now? :D

Every time I visit I make sure to go to Kensington Market. I love it because its full of cool second hand stores and cute little cafes with lovely patios. This time I'm on a mission to find the perfect pair of ripped jeans!

I really love the feeling of this area. It feels so free and interesting because there are so many people from different walks of life all of whose goal seems to be to either find that perfect item or spend the afternoon on the patio.
Top//Zara     Short Pants//Abercrombie & Fitch     
Sneakers//Nike     Bag//COACH     Cardigan//Bershka

Today I wore a casual outfit to match the vibe of the area. What do you think?
Wish me luck on my shopping mission! 


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